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Hi, here is how you make a booking for a remote Well-being session across 2 Degrees nationwide. We have options of onsite well-being sessions available or phone call, Zoom call or Skype throughout the week.

Please book through the form:

This would be my preference due to being a dad and juggling childcare/ work with my partner. If this option doesn’t work for you, feel free to give me a call, text or email: 0273352616 or

About me

To make you feel more comfortable about connecting, here is a little bit about me, if you are interested.

Hi, I am George a counsellor, partner, father and bee keeper!

I have been offering onsite Well-being sessions at 2 Degrees Christchurch for the past 18 months. The service has been going really well and now I am able to offer this service remotely during the lock-down period for 2 Degrees staff nationwide.

I have a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Education) and a Master of Counselling endorsed with first class honours. I am a provisional member of NZAC. At present, I work as a full-time counsellor at Cashmere High School and provide this service for 2 Degrees.

We all have mental health, like we have physical health. One of the things that I do for my mental health is that I have a bee hive. Our conversations, will be looking at simple manageable things that you can do to look after your mental health within these unprecedented times.

I am independent to 2 Degrees, so the space is confidential to share what you like with confidence. The only time as a counsellor when I have to break confidentiality is if I have any concerns of your safety. I keep the you in control of your information; by being very clear in exceptions of confidentiality, keeping you informed of the process, transparent about storage of your information and who I will be telling if I must break confidentiality due to safety concerns.

I practice good self-care through embedding the Five Ways to Wellbeing in my every day. We may explore together the Five Ways to Wellbeing; Connect, Be Active, Give, Keep Learning and Take Notice. I also have a keen interest in music, playing the clarinet, soprano, alto saxophones and part of a local jazz band. My fiancee (Emily) and I also have our first daughter together, Olivia, who is 10 months.

Emily works for the All Right? Campaign as a Mental Health promoter. They have some really good resources to check-out.

I look forward to connecting.

What People Say

‘George provides onsite counselling for our people at 2degrees in Christchurch following the launch of ‘2degrees Together’ our mental and emotional wellness programme. We wanted to extend our programme to not only raise the awareness of mental and emotional wellbeing but to support our People who may be going through a tough time.  We asked George to help by providing easy access to 1:1 confidential counselling.  The impact has been huge for those who would not necessarily have access to counselling.  The fact he has been solidly booked for every session since 2018 is testament to the value our people place on having George support them and he has proven an excellent fit for our culture. Thank you George!’

2degrees Mobile

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